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Track listing for Edge of the West’s debut album:

1) Pleiadian

2) I'll Get You Yet

3) Got To Be Lonely By Yourself

4) Cocaine And Liquor

5) Hey Cleopatra

6) Treasure

7) Angel - Devil

8) Victimless Crimes

9) Looking For You

10) Spy Love

11) Car Of Mine

12) Castles

Edge of the West's Debut Studio Album Combines Soul-Searching Americana, Straight-Up Honky Tonk, & Pop-Rock Psychedelia


The 12-track album features a compilation of original songs, mostly from the creative mind of front man Jim Lewin, who takes the lead on vocals and guitars, and is accompanied by Paul Griffith, Jen Gunderman, and others to make this musical odyssey a reality. Recorded by Eric McConnell, the album is a reflection of Lewin’s unique style, influenced by his 70's L.A. roots, his diverse musical career, vivid sense of humor, and inspired by the many musical universes he’s explored.


Edge of the West's New Self-Titled Studio Album is available via Instructable Records, and produced by Eric McConnell. 

I'll Get You YetEdge of the West

New Live Record !

Live at Sweetwater

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